Food Revolution Day!

I love Jamie Oliver. Well, I kind of love British television in general. But I really love Jamie Oliver! Not only does he have great recipes, but I love the ideas and motivation behind what he does: trying to help people learn to eat and cook healthy food. That’s kind of the whole reason I started this blog – to help people learn how to cook healthy meals that are still practical on a tight schedule and/or budget.

So tomorrow is Food Revolution Day as sponsored by Jamie Oliver!


Please, go check out the website. There are some awesome activities all over the world, many sponsored by restaurants or other companies. See if there are any near you! Or just participate by cooking some healthy meals, sharing this on your own blog, Facebook, etc., sharing recipes on the Food Revolution website, and helping others learn to cook and eat healthy food!

One of the things he talks about is teaching our kids about food , “where it comes from and how it affects our bodies.” This is so important to me! My little boy is not quite three, and he already helps me in the kitchen so much – getting ingredients, stirring, kneading, etc. He also helped me plant our garden, and it’s so exciting the few things we’ve harvested so far because he got to experience the whole process from planting to eating! We also talk about the food we eat – what’s in it and how it helps our bodies. I love hearing him say things like “protein helps my muscles so I can be strong!” (while flexing his little arms) or “Carbohydrates give me energy!” (not that he needs any more!!) It’s just too adorable to hear his little voice try to say things like potassium and vitamin and beta carotene. It’s never too young to get kids involved in the kitchen and understanding what they’re putting in their bodies!

And just because I love Jamie Oliver, let me share one of my absolute favorite cookbooks in the world with you:

Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals.

15 minute meals

My sister was in London a few months ago and bought this for me, and I absolutely love it. We cook something from this at least once a week. All of the meals are fresh, delicious, and healthy. And best of all – so quick to make! (Although I will say, many of them take me more like 20-30 minutes, but some of that is children underfoot, or not having a food processor.)

But really people – join the revolution!!